Tea, Love, Gratitude


Are you taking time to notice the beauty in the everyday? How many hours a day do you spend on your wellness and joy? As busy women, our passion for our work and love for our families can easily motivate us to spend little or no time on self-care and wellness. 

Now is a good time to create more joy in everyday life through tea, love, and gratitude.

Gratitude and positivity coach, Zakiyya Rosebelle, inspires women all over the world to create more moments of joy in everyday life with her formula for creating, lasting joy: Tea, Love, Gratitude.


What can a positivity coach help you achieve?

We love that you are following your dreams. On any journey, it is important to stop and smell the roses. If you want to be less stressed, to have more time to do the things you love, or to feel more joyful, then positivity coaching may be for you.

Our 1:1 life coaching service with Zakiyya Rosebelle may be a good fit for people who are looking for someone to inspire them take time to indulge in the little things that fill their heart with gratitude and joy. Her coaching style is simple and delightful. She encourages you to spill the tea, focus on positive thoughts and the good things in life, and to embrace the uplifting things that enrich your life.

Our Signature 3-Step Framework


Enjoy a moment deep in reverie, dreaming about your ideal lifestyle. Think about the habits, hobbies, and routines your ideal self is following to cope with stress, work less, and make time for wellness and joy. 


Let’s identify roadblocks and limiting beliefs that are presently holding you back from achieving the lifestyle you desire so we can overcome them. We will create an action plan for you to follow.



We will start developing sustainable changes so you can take charge of your day and make room for more positivity, gratitude, and joy. Accountability can help us determine how well goals are being met.


With research-based coaching and over a decade of experience, Zakiyya is unapologetically passionate about her work. She is dedicated to making a positive impact on the personal and professional lives of women all over the world through the power of tea, love, and gratitude.

Tea time is a daily celebration of the good things in life. Devote an hour to marveling at the beauty in the little things, celebrating love, embracing gratitude, and finding joy in the everyday.

How it Works

Reserve a Tea Time


Reserve a tea time with inspirational author, gratitude and positivity coach, Zakiyya Rosebelle. Once you make a reservation, we will be in touch to find a day and time that works for you. 

You're invited to tea

Let’s have tea and talk about happy things. Whether you need a little positivity in your life or just want to chat with an uplifting friend, our one-hour tea time together can inspire you to look at life differently. 


Join (virtually) for a cup of tea. Share your story with our positivity coach. Discover ways you can start finding joy in everyday life with tea, love, gratitude. After the hour has passed, you will have a wonderful action plan.

Ready to find joy with Tea, Love, Gratitude?

Please get in touch if you have questions. We’re excited to hear your story! Share a bit about yourself and what you would like us to help you achieve through the contact form. This online life coaching service has limited availability, and, at times, there may be a wait list.