How to Throw a Christmas Tea Party: Making Spirits Bright

How to Throw a Christmas Tea Party: Making Spirits Bright

By Zakiyya Rosebelle

Oct 15, 2023

Discover how to throw a Christmas Tea Party with a delightful Happy Rosy Day story, Eloise’s and the Merry, Magical Tea Party.


As the snowflakes began to fall and the holiday season neared, Eloise couldn’t help but envision a magical gathering filled with the warmth of friendship, the delights of the season, and the joy of lifting spirits. A Christmas tea party was the perfect way to celebrate life’s little wonders.

Christmas Tea Party Menu

Eloise knew that a Christmas tea party menu longed for a harmonious blend of classic tea traditions with seasonal delights. Merrily, she curated a selection of savory sandwiches, delectable sweets, and, of course, a variety of teas to suit every taste.

The Savory Starters

For savories, Eloise chose classics like cucumber sandwich, smoked salmon with dill, and turkey with cranberry sauce. These festive finger sandwiches, along with baked spinach puffs, and cranberry and olive crostini, added a touch of sophistication to her menu.

Easy Christmas Desserts

Sweets are the jewel of any Christmas tea party menu. Eloise prepared gingerbread scones, which would be served warm with clotted cream and a medley of jams including orange marmalade, fig jam, and holiday jam. She also baked an array of Christmas cookies, including gingerbread and decorated sugar cookies in shapes of Christmas trees and gingerbread houses.

The Heart of a Christmas Tea Party

Tea, the heart of any tea party, was thoughtfully selected to please diverse palates. Eloise offered fine black tea, apple cider and cranberry orange herbal teas, and a fragrant holiday spiced chai. Each guest could choose their favorite or even indulge in a tea tasting journey.

Christmas tea party decorations

In the days leading up to the Christmas tea party, Eloise adorned her door with a beautiful holiday wreath. Faux garlands embellished with poinsettia and berries were draped from a fireplace and adorned the center of the tea party table. Soft fairy lights twinkled around windows and lit up the corners of the room. An artificial miniature Christmas tree sat atop the table in all its glory, festooned with glittering ornaments and big red bows. 

She gently attached beautiful ornaments to long clear strings and hung them from the ceiling, placing them directly above the tea table at varied heights for a magical touch. She set the table with her favorite fine china—white with holiday motifs—and polished the flatware. Sparkling glassware and charming teacups decked the tea table. The scene was an enchanting wonderland, ready for a Christmas tea party that would certainly make spirits bright.


A Most Warm Welcome

A red pot of black tea brewed and notes of cinnamon and clove filled the air. As guests arrived for tea, elated, they were greeted with the delightful aroma of freshly brewed apple cider tea. Each guest received a welcome gift—a beautifully packaged tea blend that they could take home as a memento of the day.

The Christmas tea party began with a toast and the clinking of gorgeous holiday teacups. Sandwiches and savories were served first, followed by gingerbread scones and a plethora of preserves so guests could pick one that is to their liking. An assortment of sweets in tier stands sparkled with holiday cheer. Eloise’s friends devoured the delectable food she made for them and indulged in treats, cups of tea in hand.

Joyful Conversations

Positive chatter filled the air with merry wishes that lifted spirits. Laughter and conversation filled the room as friends shared stories, sipped tea, and savored the delectable treats. The spirit of the season was palpable in every interaction.

The Christmas tea party continued into the afternoon, with guests enjoying a leisurely, festive affair.

As the sun began to set and the guests bid their farewells, Eloise knew that her Christmas tea party had created lasting memories. The festive spirit, the delightful menu, and the warmth of friendship had made it a cherished event that everyone would remember fondly.


Your Christmas Tea Party

Just like Eloise, you too can throw a Christmas tea party filled with the joys of the season. With a carefully curated menu with savories and sweets, festive decorations, and a heart filled with holiday spirit, you can create a memorable gathering that your loved ones will treasure. The magic of planning your Christmas tea party awaits you.


Zakiyya Rosebelle