OOTD Collection: Celebrate Life with Fashion

OOTD Collection - Celebrate Life with Fashion

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By Zakiyya Rosebelle

With great delight, we celebrate the launch of Happy Rosy Day’s latest collection. It is called OOTD Collection, and it inspires you to celebrate life with fashion. If you aren’t familiar with the OOTD meaning, we’re happy to tell you that it is the hashtag and abbreviation for outfit of the day. Our new collection is glittering with fun, happy, rosy products that are sure to brighten your day, home, office space, and your outfit. Gorgeous fashion greetings cards, fashion note cards, fashion wall art, and unique handmade jewelry are presented in this collection.

Fashion Greeting Cards

Fashion is a fun way to embrace our unique personalities and express ourselves. Fashion is also at the heart of all of those happy, rosy moments in life. We celebrate life and all of its joyous occasions through fashion. Evenings out may call for those sparkling earrings, and parties may bring the opportunity to wear a beautiful dress. The fashion greeting card from Outfit of the Day Collection celebrates the joy and fun of fashion. Original illustrations by Zakiyya Rosebelle adorn this designer greeting. We also have inspirational fashion greetings cards.

Zakiyya Rosebelle chose to use the Happy Rosy Day colors and monogram for the fashion birthday card. We love to send warm birthday wishes with this card to brighten someone’s day. All of our cute greeting cards can be framed by the recipient, and they will add some beauty and joy to any wall or table in the home. They also make pretty office décor, so enjoy displaying them in your cubicle or office, and decorate your desk with them.


Fashion Note Cards

Our fashion note cards are very versatile and a must-have for your home and work desk. Zakiyya designed a stunning set of boxed notes that can be used for every occasion. Use them as fashion holiday cards, birthday cards, thank you notes, and bridal shower invites. Contact us if you would like to personalize them. The Happy Rosy Day boxed merci cards are a pretty set that can be used all the time. Say thank you to friends, family, coworkers, customers, and clients with our boxed notes.


Happy Rosy Day Designer Greetings

OOTD Collection includes many other beautiful cards for your personal correspondence. Whether you need to send a personal or professional message, our thank you cards and designer stationery will present your message with beauty, elegance, and style.


Fashion Wall Art

At Happy Rosy Day, we love beautiful spaces. Whether it is our home or office, we are passionate about decorating our surroundings to create a happy, rosy space that we are inspired to thrive in. One of the ways we beautify our space is by adding pretty and motivational wall art. “Follow your dreams. Remember to wear cute shoes!” is a popular quote by Zakiyya Rosebelle that graces our fashion wall art. Beautiful clothing, accessories, and jewelry illustrations decorate the art prints from this collection.


Hang them on your bedroom wall, in the bathroom, or add a chic touch to your family room with this stylish art. You can also enjoy these at work, as they make really cute office décor. These art prints make fabulous gifts for fashion lovers. We have created matching cards for the fashion art prints, and they can be framed together or paired for an amazing gift that is sure to make someone happy!


Outfit of the Day Collection

Unique handmade jewelry and other lovely things are also included in OOTD Collection. Although the collection is complete, new items may be added, so feel free to check back to see what other haute items we’ve designed for you. We hope you enjoy our work and would love to stay connected. Follow us on social media to say hello or for Happy Rosy Day inspiration. We love fashion and you will find plenty of #OOTD ideas by following us @happyrosyday.