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It’s a tale of tea and love.

I have a passion for tea and a love for spreading joy. Happily, the two often go hand in hand, and for this, I am grateful. Long ago and not far away, I grew up in an Indian household where I had the pleasure of tasting tea at the age of two and enjoying teatime with loved ones at seven.

Ever since then, tea has been an integral part of my family’s day. Each morning, we have been filling our home with its warm and fragrant aroma, connecting us to our roots, giving us a sense of calmness, and at the same time, energizing us to start the day. Afternoons would bring with it a cup of tea, the company of loved ones, and a moment of contentment. For me, tea is more than just a drink, it is a lifestyle, a part of my culture and heritage. Tea is the jewel that is at the center of the most joyous memories that adorn my heart.


“Few afternoons are as agreeable as afternoons aromatic with uplifting tea, sweetened with scones, melodious with the laughter of a loved one."


As a life coach helping busy women create more moments of joy in their lives through self-care, tea, and gratitude, I was passionate about inspiring and uplifting others. And so, Happy Rosy Day blossomed. Picturesque and lavishly pink with ruffles, flowers, and lace, we wish to delight romantics at heart and anyone who wants to find beauty and joy in everyday life. 

Happily, my betrothed, a lifelong tea lover, supported my dream. Wedding bells rang. Teatime became a daily celebration of little things that bring us joy: uplifting tea, a favorite cup, freshly baked scones, and a chance to slow down and embrace the present moment, together.

We travelled far and wide in pursuit of afternoon tea adventures, indulging in tea and scones the world over.


"Tea time is a daily celebration of little things that bring us joy – uplifting tea, a favorite cup, a sweet treat, and a chance to slow down and embrace the present moment. Be mindful of the beauty around you. Celebrate the little things that bring you joy, with gratitude."


The journey of establishing Happy Rosy Day Tea began after the birth of my second baby girl. I hope to instill in my little loves a passion for tea, hearts of gratitude, and a love of celebrating the little things that bring joy. 

I have infused my passion for tea with family recipes, and I have crafted blends to uplift and nourish you. May you find comfort and joy in each cup. For every cup of tea brings with it a moment to revel in the good things in life.

Happy Rosy Day is an uplifting tea and lifestyle brand based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. It was created to celebrate tea and love. To delight in the beauty and romance of a tea-scented, flower-filled, rose-colored world. 

Tea, Love, Gratitude,

Zakiyya Rosebelle

Founder | Author | Life Coach

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