Blueberry Scones Tea

Delightful cup of black tea adorned with sweet notes of blueberries

Indulge in a delightful medley of flavors reminiscent of tea and scones. An uplifting aroma will sweeten the air upon steeping this black tea adorned with notes of blueberries. Makes an agreeable cup of tea that you can treat yourself to at any time. Can be enjoyed hot or cold. Add a splash of milk and a dash of sugar, and savor one of life’s simple pleasures.

“Every afternoon is a chance to have a tea party to celebrate life with gratitude. If one cannot find something to be grateful for today, certainly, a warm cup of tea and a freshly baked scone (or Blueberry Scones Tea) might be fitting. Sip gourmet tea from a nice cup. Savor each sip while marveling at the beauty in the everyday.” – Zakiyya Rosebelle




TASTING NOTES: Smooth, Sweet, Fruity
SIZE: 3 oz pouch
INGREDIENTS: Ingredients: Black Tea, Natural Blueberry Flavor,
Raspberry Leaves & Blueberries