Blueberry Scones

Delightful herbal tea delicately infused with uplifting notes of flowers and blueberries

What could be more delightful than a warm blueberry scone fresh from the oven? Why, a cup of Blueberry Scones herbal tea, of course! Reminiscent of an afternoon with tea and scones, this gourmet tea has a sweet and slightly tart blend of blueberries, apple pieces, and hibiscus flowers for a delicious cup of tea you can treat yourself to at any time.

“Every afternoon is a chance to have a tea party to celebrate life. Sip gourmet tea. Use the nice cup. Embrace the present moment. Savor each sip and find the beauty in the everyday. Indulge yourself in the little things that bring you joy, with gratitude. ” – Zakiyya Rosebelle

TASTING NOTES: Smooth, Tart, Fruity
SIZE: 3 oz pouch