Lemon Lavender Gratitude Tea

Bright and uplifting herbal tea with a flavorful medley of apple, lemon, orange, and lavender.

Lift your spirits with a bright and flavorful herbal tea blended with a generous medley of apple, lemon, orange, and lavender. This vibrant, naturally caffeine-free tea is a delight to the senses with an uplifting aroma, smooth citrusy flavor, and soft whispers of calming lavender. Reminiscent of a morning strong along lush gardens of flowers and fruits, this tea is a lovely pick-me-up with sweet and floral notes that are delightful.

“Start each day with a grateful heart and a cup of Happy Rosy Day Tea. May you find comfort and joy in each cup. For every cup of tea brings with it a moment to feel grateful for the good things in life.”

TASTING NOTES: Floral, Citrus
SIZE: 3 oz pouch