Rosy Beauty Tea

A bouquet of floral and fruit notes of apple, hibiscus and rose adorns this beautiful herbal tea.

A bouquet of flowers and fruit adorns this beautiful herbal tea. Blended to help you glow from within, it includes known sources of antioxidants like apple and rosehips in addition to hibiscus. Take a break to indulge in a rosy moment. Add a spoonful of this floral medley to hot water, inhale, and be instantly transported to a tropical garden with each sip.

“Tea – the sweetness of love, the fragrance of flowers, the comfort of a friend,
the warmth of a hug – such great delight gingerly poured from a little teapot.” – Zakiyya Rosebelle

TASTING NOTES: Bright, Fruity, Floral, Smooth
SIZE: 3 oz pouch



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