Tea Party Tea

A tea party in a cup. Indulge yourself in a sweet and uplifting medley of flavors that will turn any moment into a celebration. A most enchanting aroma of fruit and flowers will sweeten the air upon steeping a cup of Tea Party Tea. Premium black tea is delicately infused with chocolate, strawberry, and adorned with rose petals for a delicious cup of tea you can treat yourself to at any time. Can be enjoyed without milk or with a splash of milk and a dash of sugar.

Tea Party is a delightful blend inspiring you to take out your favorite tea cup and savor each sip while thinking happy rosy thoughts about the good things in life for which you are grateful.



“A day well-lived needs not much but a cup of tea to warm your heart, a beautiful tea cup to lift your spirits, a moment of peace to soothe your soul, and confectionary to sweeten the hour.”

Tasting Notes: Floral, Full Body
Ingredients: Black tea
Size: 3 oz pouch