The Happy Rosy Day Book, Tea Party: A Keepsake Gratitude Journal

Give all of your favorite people this gratitude journal gift. It is full of daily practices, creative prompts, gratitude list, and inspiration to celebrate life’s wonderful little moments and blessings.




Every purchase gives back and helps someone in need. Imagine collecting a bit of happiness from the happiest moments of this year and saving them in a special book. Seeing all of the cheerful keepsakes will surely make you smile any time you look through your book of happy things. The Great Collection of keepsake gratitude journals known as The Happy Rosy Day Book inspire you to celebrate life’s wonderful little moments and blessings. Adorned with 120 pages of creative journal prompts, you can dry flowers, write gratitude lists, tape tickets from fun experiences, and save a little magic and happiness in the pages of your daily gratitude journal. Get one for all of your favorite people, and write your message to the gift recipient on the special message page inside!