After12 Tea Glam Box

Indulge yourself and spread joy with the afternoon tea subscription box. The After12 Tea Glam Box is unapologetically indulgent. Sip gourmet tea and enjoy sweet confections. Add sparkle and glam with designer jewelry or a hair barrette handmade in limited quantities. Delight in happy, uplifting messages inspiring you to find beauty and joy in everyday life.

How it Works

1. Pick from our 3 options

Pick the type of tea that you would like to receive. Choose from caffeine free, a classic blend, or a surprise flavor that will be happily handpicked for you. You will receive a 3 oz pouch for up to 40 cups of gourmet tea.

2. Select Frequency

Decide how many months you’d like to sign up for. We offer one-time boxes as well as 3-month, and 6-month subscriptions for both casual afternoon tea lovers and glam afternoon tea enthusiasts. 

3. Indulge in your AFTER12 TEA BOX

Enjoy the exclusive afternoon tea subscription box, delivered to your door. Indulge in gourmet tea, sweet treats, and handmade designer jewelry or a barrette. A happy message will brighten your day.

"Afternoon tea time is a daily celebration that can brighten our day. It allows us a moment to stop and smell the roses. It promises time to slow down, embrace gratitude, and enjoy the beauty of life. Treat yourself regularly. Sip uplifting tea, use a favorite cup, and sweeten the hour with confectionary. Indulge in the little things that help you find joy in the everyday." - After12 Tea Club


What tea should I choose?


Caffeine Free

Enjoy the many comforts for our herbal and botanical fusions any time of day without worrying about the stimulative effects of caffeine.


Expand your palate and enjoy a wide variety of beloved teas from the Classic Collection. This program is perfect for any tea drinker looking to experience the nuances of every tea type.


For the tea drinker who wants to explore a wide variety of teas and blends, the Explore teas will transport your mind to exotic locations and excite your taste buds with exciting and delicious flavors.

Please note: **No coupons or discount codes** apply to any Tea Subscription purchases, except our first time customer code. If ordering additional products we recommend placing a separate order to utilize a discount code. Gift cards cannot be used to purchase Tea Subscripion. US Territory Only. All Tea Club memberships are prepaid. Please note all Tea Subscriptions do not auto-renew after the initial months are complete. You will not be automatically charged again. Tea Subscription orders ship via US Mail only. If sending as a gift, we recommend ordering any other products for yourself separately. The subscription will be sent monthly to the address you ship to. Tea selection is based on availability and is subject to change without notice No substitutions, please. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED.

For questions, concerns, or to cancel or pause please contact us at or call us.