Self-care Sunshine Tea

Uplifting chamomile tea paired with lemongrass for a lightly sweet and calming blend.

A cup of herbal tea that won’t fail to bring a little sunshine to your day. Soothe your senses with a harmonious blend of lemon grass and peppermint leaves. Chamomile—prized for its calming properties—inspires a calm moment of relaxation. Unwind from a busy day and dedicate many a moment to your self-care and wellness. Enjoy any time of the day as this blend is naturally caffeine-free.

“You are the jewel that adorns the day. Your wellness and contentment are precious. Take time to delight in the things that lift your spirits and help you shine.” – Zakiyya Rosebelle

TASTING NOTES: Citrus, Floral, Light
SIZE: 3 oz pouch